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2014 New





Our recent work on the compact thermal modeling, which was published on the “The Integration, The VLSI” Journal, in January 2014 has been one of the most downloaded paper in last 90 days. It has logged 178 downloads during this period. This work is jointly funded by NSF and SRC project.


Z. Liu, S. X.-D. Tan, H. Wang, Y. Hua, and A. Gupta, “Compact thermal modeling for packaged microprocessor design with practical power maps”, Integration, The VLSI Journal, vol.  47, no. 1, January 2014. (One of the most downloaded papers in 2014 after its publication, 178 downloads in 3 months)  see: http://www.journals.elsevier.com/integration-the-vlsi-journal/most-downloaded-articles/  Online access:  http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167926013000412



Dr. Valeriy Sukharev visited UCR Riverside.  Dr. Sukharev  is a leading scientist in the Calibre group in Mentor Graphics. He is an well-known expert on the reliability analysis and modeling for VLSI systems.  He is a industry liaison of one funded SRC/NSF project at MSLAB.


Dr. Sukharev presented an invited talk titled “The physics of electromigration for IC designers” and discussed the research collaborations and topics with the students in the MSLAB.




Our work and paper on electro-migration based reliability analysis has been nominated as the Best Paper Award candidate in the coming IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference, which is the primary design technology conference in the semiconductor and EDA industry.

X. Huang, T. Yu,  V. Sukharev,  S. X.-D. Tan, “Physics-based electromigration assessment for power grid networks”, Proc. IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference (DAC’14),  San Francisco, June, 2014. (Best Paper Award Nomination (12 out of 787 submissions, 1.5%))



Nvdia Corporation donated a new K40 GPU, which is the last Kepler series GPU from Nvidia as part of CUDA Research Center Prof. Tan established at UCR.

The new GPU, which costs about $5000, will significant boost the GPU and parallel algorithm development in MSLAB.




2013 News






The OpenACC Accelerator Fortran/C/C++ Linux compilers from Portland Group Interntioal (PGI), which was dominated by Nvdia as part of the Nvidia CUDA Research Center, has been installed in MSLAB. This compiler will help boost the research works on GPU and parallel programming.



Prof. Sheldon Tan visited the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University at Seoul and presented invited talk. Prof. Tan also visited Prof. Naehyuck Chang’s research LAB at SNU.


Seoul National University, Embedded System Research Center (ESRC), Seoul, Korea, “Architecture Level Thermal Modeling, Management for Multi-core and 3D Microprocessors”, Dec. 10, 2013.



Prof. Naehyuck Chang of SNU visited UCR again. He gave an very interesting talk to the students in the EE213 course on the electronic energy systems.


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The IRES 2013 post-program workshp was held in Bourns College of Engineering. Prof. Sheldon Tan and Prof. Albert Wang hosted the workshop. In the workshop, all the participating IRES students presented their research works and their social activities during the summer IRES program. The IRES program certificates were gave to the participating students at the end of the meeting.

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Prof. Naehyuck Chang of SNU visited MSLAB and Winston Chung Global Energy Center at Bouns College of Engineering.



Prof. Naehyuck Chang, who the professor of Computre Science and Engineering department at Seoul National University, visited the MSLAB and CE-CERT on Aug.12 an Aug.15, 2013.  Prof. Chang came to UCR to explore the collaborative researches on the advanced energy storage (battery), smart building and smart solar power techniques.  Prof. Chang is well-known power power and embedded, and recently advanced energy system expert.


Prof. Chang also met Prof. Qi Zhu, the CE-CERT Director Prof. Matthew Marth and Weston Chung Energy Research Center Director Dr. Sadrul Ula during his visit.


Prof. Change also visited department of EE at UC Riverside on July 8th and gave an department talk with title “Hybrid Energy Storage Systems: A Computer Systems Design Approach”.




Five new Ph.D. students joined MSLAB in this Fall.  Also Ph.D. student Zao Liu finished the intern job at Intel Corp. Welcome those new and old students.


We also have one Post-Doc, Dr. Haibao Chen, who graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University with Ph.D. on applied mathmatics and Ms. Lingling Tan, who is a Ph.D. student of Tianjian University to work in MSLAB for one year. Welcome them also.



The 4th International Workshop on Emerging Circuits and Systems (IWECS13), was held successfully in The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Chengdu, China from Aug. 25-26, 2013.  Dr. Tan  is the organizer and international chair of the IWECS13. UESTC hosted this event. Prof. Hai Wang, who the  associate professor at SJTU, is the local chair and the co-chair of this conference.  IWECS’13 attracted 30 international leading researchers and company executives to share latest advances in the emerging circuits and systems.



Dr. Valeriy Sukharev, who is the Technical Lead in the Calibre group of Mentor Graphics, visited MSLAB and EE department of UCR. Dr. Sukharev gave a department colloquium talk titled “Beyond Black’s Equation: Full-Chip EM/SM Assessment in 3D IC Stack”.  Dr. Sukharev is industry expert on the chip long-term reliability issues such as electro-migration and stree-migration.  He come to visit MSLAB is also part of the joint NSF/SRC project at UCR.




MSLAB Alumni gathering in San Jose, CA with Prof. Tan. We have former Ph.D. student, Dr. Duo Li, Dr. Ning Mi, Dr. Ruijing Shen, Dr. Pu Liu and Dr. Xuexin Liu and Mr. Jian Cui (who is the MS student from MSLAB). We have wonderful dinner together.  See photos.



Ph.D. student Xuexin Liu, successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis today. His thesis is titled “Parallel and Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Nanometer VLSI Systems”.


Congratulation on Xuexin . Xuexin is the 11th Ph.D. graduated from MSLAB.

 Xuexin will join Synopsys's IC compiler group after the graduation. We wish Xuexin the best in his future endeavor.




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