Mixed-Signal Nanometer VLSI Research Lab. (MSLAB)

MSLAB, Director: Prof. Sheldon Tan,

Eng-II, 361,  Tel: 951-827-6161


Mission of MSLAB

MSLAB at UCR works on cutting-edge mixed-signal/analog/RF circuit design methodology and develops design tools for current and future nanometer System-On-a-Chip VLSI. We address SoC design challenges and  enable a quantum leap to a new generation of mixed-signal SoC systems. 


Our research is sponsored by the federal government agencies, electronic design automation industry, State of California and University of California.


Research Areas

· Modeling, simulation and optimization of  mixed-signal/RF/analog/interconnect circuits.

· High performance power/ground distribution and clock network optimization and analysis.

· Fast on-chip gate-level or architecture thermal analysis and dynamic thermal management .

· Embedded system design based on FPGA platforms. 


Our research area is highly multidisciplinary, dynamic and fast changing and  requires electrical, mathematic, and computes science knowledge and strong programming skills.


We are looking for highly motivated and energetic students, who love to tackle on challenges and enjoy exciting rides along the course of scientific and engineering discovery.